Engel 23 Quart High-Performance Backpack Cooler Bag - MBG


Brand: Cobia
Engel Backpack Coolers feature a rugged, tear-resistant 600-denier polyester outer shell with a water and stain-resistant TPE coating for easy cleaning. On the inside, there's a radiant barrier liner of reflective foil, in addition to a 1-inch thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation, another exclusive Engel feature you won't find on other bags. While the insulation effectively minimizes heat transfer to maintain cold inner temperatures, the radiant barrier liner reflects the sun's long-wave heat radiation to further enhance the Backpack Cooler's cold-keeping capabilities. Under typical conditions, the Backpack Cooler will hold ice for up to three days.


  • Features multiple storage compartments on all sides with water resistant zippers.
  • Light weight, high performance. Keeps cold for up to 3 days
  • 3 Convenient ways to carry... Shoulder strap, oversized grab handles and as a traditional backpack - with adjustable webbing
  • Rugged, tear-resistant 600-denier polyester outer shell, water and stain resistant TPE coating
  • Interior - radiant barrier of reflective foil liner with 1 inch thick layer closed-cell foam insulation
  • Warranty: 1 Year