Aqua-Fur Collapsible Dog Bowl

Engel CoolersSKU: ENGSPDB-BB

Have you ever noticed that adventures are even better when accompanied by furry friends? Now you can keep your canine companions watered with our portable dog bowls. Ready for any endeavor, silicone dog bowls are foldable and weigh only 8 ounces. The Aqua Fur holds a full liter as a bowl. Squeezed, it makes pouring a snap, allowing you to easily put water back in its container. You can also flip it around and use it as a 2 liter bucket - its slip resistant and impervious to hot and cold. Whats more the Aqua Fur is dishwasher safe and a cinch to keep clean. Whether filled with water, chow or any type of dog grawg, you're bound to make your best (furry) friend happy.

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