Beautiful Chainsaw Memorial Bench for a beloved son includes a carving of his favorite Engel cooler.

When a family tragically lost their son, they reached out to master chainsaw carver Josh Miller of Artnsaw Chainsaw Carving in Delaware for a fitting memorial. Their son was known for always having his Engel drybox cooler, his radio and two watches when he went to work, and this is how the family wanted to remember him.

Memorial bench inlcuding ENGEL drybox cooler carving

Josh reached out to us to ask for a set of hinges and a strap to complete his masterpiece, and obviously we were more than happy to help. And soon this astounding masterpiece emerged from a single piece of lumber. What a beautiful, moving memorial for this grieving family, a piece of art that will always be a part of their family and a reminder of their beloved son.