Engel Live Bait Pro Pump

*patent pending

Lithium-Ion USB Rechargeable.

Batters with 36 hours life.

Electromagnetic pump mechanism; ultra-quiet and mega-reliable.

Industry standard USB-C charger

Water-resistant and saltwater approved

2 Year WarrantyPatent Pending


An average live bait pump lasts 36 hours on 2 x D-Cell Batteries.
At an average of $16 for 4, that's a savings over over $400 a year on batteries!

Universal Latch

Works with any live bait bucket or box.

Saltwater Safe

Double gasket and stainless steel hardware protects all internal parts.

3 speed & Intermittant

3 variable speeds and 20 second cycle intermittent operation. 

Florida Fishing Pump
Ice Fishing Pump
Live Bait Pump

Engel blows away the competition!