Engel coolers are a great fit for any boat and our products make great corporate gifts and promotional items. Our customized products are available three different ways:

Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) program for boat manufacturers.
In our OEM program, we work with boat manufacturers to get the perfect fit and color of cooler and then apply the logo. This ensures that there is no waste of space and reinforces the manufacturer’s branding.

Custom branding for corporations.
Engel’s custom branding services allow you to give amazing corporate gifts to your employees or clients. The products available for custom branding include our hard and soft coolers, dry-boxes and drink-ware. For drink-ware, branding can be printed directly onto the stainless steel tumblers or the tumblers can be coated in a wide range of colors with the branding on top.

Promotional items for ASI/PPAI distributors (ASI # 52499).
Call 561-743-7419 and ask for Ray. Please quote your ASI number when requesting information. 

Complete the quote request form on the right or call Engel today at 561.743.7419 to discuss the details of your OEM, custom or promotional products.


Lightweight, impact-resistant case, perfect to use when heavier coolers aren’t necessary. Molded polystyrene insulation keeps the cold for 1-2 days. Rugged shoulder strap with integrated guides, watertight, dust proof EVA foam rubber seal keeps in cold and protects against spills. Keeps valuables, cell phones and electronics dry.



Discover the Engel UL60 Ultralite: a revolutionary high-performance, 60-quart cooler. Designed for camping, fishing, hunting, and road trips, it features advanced injection molding for unmatched durability and crack resistance. Its leak-resistant drain and non-slip base enhance functionality, while the included wire basket and divider optimize organization. The UL60 excels in ice preservation for up to 7 days, thanks to its ultra-light, closed-cell foam insulation. This hard-shell cooler is lightweight yet robust, equipped with a drain plug, built-in bottle opener, and tie-down slots for easy transport and use. Engel redefines outdoor cooling solutions with the UL60's innovative design and practical features.


Drinkware and Tumblers

Engel’s 20 oz, 22 oz and 30 oz stainless steel, vacuum insulated performance mugs are built to help keep your cool in the harshest conditions. Taking advantage of the latest vacuum technology, our patented tumblers out perform any competitor on the market. Branding can be printed directly onto stainless steel tumblers, or tumblers can be coated in a wide range of colors, with branding printed on top.

Engel’s 17oz & 25oz, stainless steel, vacuum-insulated performance bottles are built to keep your drinks cool in the harshest conditions. Taking advantage of the latest vacuum technology, these cups perform better than any competitor on the market. Just like our award-winning coolers, we’ve thought of the details that matter. This bottle will be your best friend for all of life’s thirst-quenching moments.


Engel's custom post-mold graphics are applied to our rotationally-molded cooler ice boxes with a proprietary heating system that ensures the logo is resistant to wear and tear, remains bright and vibrant for years to come and is genuinely permanent. 

Soft Sided Tote Coolers

The ENGEL HD-30 & HD-20 soft-sided coolers are entirely welded, while comparable bags are sewn. By welding all seams, warm air is kept out, with no water leaks. Features patent pending Vacuum Valve technology - which increases the cooling performance - retains ice for 3+ days. The HD-30 boasts an outer shell composed of durable 840 denier, which provide maximum strength and abrasion resistance. The front and back sides are laminated with a Thermal Plastic Urethane (TPU) film, adding another layer of strength and puncture resistance, and also makes a great surface for custom branding.

Soft Sided Backpack Coolers

The ENGEL BP25 Backpack Coolers stand out in their category, leveraging a fully welded construction as opposed to the traditional sewing method used by similar products. This technique ensures an airtight seal, preventing warm air from entering and eliminating the chance of water leakage. They incorporate a revolutionary Vacuum Valve technology, which significantly enhances cooling efficiency, allowing ice retention for over three days. The robustness of the BP25 is unmatched, thanks to its 840 denier outer shell, designed for maximum durability and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, both the front and back of the cooler are reinforced with a Thermal Plastic Urethane (TPU) film, increasing puncture resistance. This feature not only contributes to the cooler's longevity but also offers an excellent opportunity for personalized branding.

Engel Backpack Cooler with Logo
Engel Backpack Cooler with Logo
Engel Backpack Cooler with Logo