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Carry UL60 Cooler

NEW Engel UltraLite 60

The all new Light weight, High
Performance, Injection Molded
Engel UltraLite 60 is here. Same great
performance, lighter weight.

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With the new Engel USBlithium-ion bubble pump
you able to keep your bait living long and living strong! 
- Scott Martin/ Professional Angler

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Ultralite 60 drinks cooler

Engel UltraLite 60 High-Performance Cooler


  • 7 days of ice preservation with 2 inches of advanced, ultra-light, closed-cell foam insulation.
  • 60 qt cooler is the ideal companion for your camping adventures and social events.
  • The hard shell cooler is remarkably lightweight, ensuring easy carrying while offering superior durability to prevent cracking and leaking.
  • Includes removable wire basket for easy cleaning, cooler divider to separate food or drinks.
  • Patent pending level floor with precision tapered drainage channels.

Professional Angler Scott Martin on the new Engel Live Bait Pro Cooler

NEW RECHARGEABLE: featuring the all-new Engel AP3 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Aerator Bait Pump with up to 36 hours of battery life with USB-C charger.

BUILT FOR PRO ANGLERS: From the rugged and durable New Stainless Steel Hinges and Latches to the industry-revolutionizing USB-C Rechargeable Live Bait Aerator, this Bait Station is the new industry leader in professional bait storage.

MULTIFUNCTION BAIT COOLER: Keep your drinks cold or hold your live bait box with this 3-in-1 insulated Engel Live Bait Fishing Dry Box and Cooler; Perfect for outdoor adventures.

INCLUDES: NEW ENG-AP3 Rechargeable Aerator, NEW Stainless Steel Hinges and Latches, Carry handles and integrated shoulder strap.


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