Creating memories that will last a lifetime

~ by Engel Pro Staff – Kenny Carpenter

Growing up my father took me everywhere. I can’t remember a time he was going hunting or fishing and I couldn’t go. It’s hard to appreciate sacrifice like that. He hunts hard but always put me before his own success. 
  Now that  I’m a father myself I get it. Sure it’s amazing to catch 40 lb. salmon but nothing in the world is better then watching my daughter share my passion for the outdoors.  

Kid Fishing

  I had the absolute pleasure of seeing her catch her very first fish this summer. In preparation for her fishing with me this year I ordered a pink Engel backpack cooler just for her.

Fishing Girl I wanted her first experiences on the lake to be nothing but positive. A three-year-old has a short attention span so I always pack her favorite snacks and drinks in her pink cooler.   

Now her Engel has become a sort of symbol in our house. She knows when daddy gets out the pink cooler we’re going to have fun. If I’m lucky and she loves the outdoors as much as I do.  I’ll be packing that pink Engel for years to come.

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