Duck Stamps and How Hunters Drive Conservation Efforts in the U.S.

Before heading into the field, waterfowl hunters must head to their local post office and buy a $25 Duck Stamp, which allows them to legally hunt ducks and geese.

The Duck Stamp program is one of the most successful conservation programs in the U.S. Since 1934 it has financed the protection or creation of over six million acres of wildlife habitat and wetlands. The Duck Stamp program has also financed the creation or expansion of more than 300 national wildlife refuges, and you are sure to find a few of them in your state. It is one of the many examples of how hunters and fishermen drive and help finance conservation projects in the U.S.

The Duck Stamp Program also one of the most efficient government programs (not saying a lot we know!) since by law, every 98c of a dollar collected by Duck Stamp purchase must be spent in the national refuge system, for the enjoyment of every American. It is a program we strongly support and would like to see expanded.

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