Engel Coolers Wins at iCast 2023!

The iCAST Fishing Show has established itself as one of the premier events in the angling world. Held annually, this trade show brings together fishing enthusiasts, industry professionals, and innovators from around the globe. With its wide range of exhibits, product showcases, and educational seminars, iCAST offers a unique platform for discovering the latest advancements in fishing gear, techniques, and conservation efforts. 

Every Year iCast is The Ultimate Showcase of Fishing Gear and Equipment:

iCAST is renowned for being the hub of cutting-edge fishing gear and equipment. From fishing rods and reels to lures, lines, and electronic gadgets, the show features an extensive array of products from leading brands and manufacturers. Anglers can explore the latest innovations, test out new equipment, and gain valuable insights from industry experts. This one-stop-shop for fishing gear allows enthusiasts to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to equipment advancements.

iCast is Also Known For Exciting Product Launches and Demonstrations

The iCAST Fishing Show has gained a reputation as the stage for major product launches and demonstrations. Companies often choose this event to unveil their latest offerings, providing attendees with exclusive access to cutting-edge fishing technology. From revolutionary bait designs to state-of-the-art fishing electronics, iCAST showcases the future of angling. Witnessing firsthand product demonstrations by experts allows fishing enthusiasts to assess the performance and capabilities of new gear before it hits the market.

It is for all these reasons that Engel is especially proud to have been awarded a Best in Category award for the Fishing Accessories Category for their revolutionary rechargeable lithium-ion Pro Pump XL. 

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