Soft Sided Coolers vs Hard Sided Coolers: Which One Should You Choose?

At one point, most people who enjoy camping, tailgating, hunting, or fishing have to face the dilemma of choosing the best cooler for their expeditions. There are many options to choose from when it comes to coolers.

The most popular options are soft sided coolers and hard sided coolers. Picking between these two can be the toughest decision you have to make. After all, you may not know what will work best for your travels. This article will help you get out of that conundrum and make an informed decision.

Soft sided coolers vs. hard sided coolers

An essential factor in determining the best cooler for you is how you intend to use it. Both these coolers will achieve the same results: they are both designed to keep your food items cool. However, there is so much more than just keeping your soda, water, or beer cold during that camping trip.

Consider what will most likely go into the cooler, how long you’d like to keep those things fresh, and in what context you want them to stay cool. Here is an in-depth look at what each cooler offers so you can have a better idea about what to choose.

Soft sided coolers

A soft side cooler is highly versatile and can be convenient for everyday use. This is not only great for long drives and camping trips, but it’s also an excellent option for going to the gym, work, or the golf course. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, materials, and capacities. There are many brands as well, and you can always find something that suits your needs.

With an exterior made of vinyl or fabric, this makes soft sided coolers weigh much less compared to the heavy plastic of the hard sided coolers. In addition to this, they are smaller, so the weight will come from the things you pack. This makes it easy to haul around. 

Soft side coolers are portable, especially if you get one with shoulder straps. The true benefit of soft sided coolers, however, is that they are collapsible. Because of this, they take up less storage space, unlike hard sided coolers that are made of hard plastic. You can roll them up and store them just about anywhere.

Hard sided coolers

A hard sided cooler serves as a better option if you usually go to rugged environments. When you go camping for an extended period in a range of terrains, a hard cooler enables long-term protection of your cool goods. Camping can be a fulfilling expedition, which is why millennials and Gen Xers do it so much. In fact, millennials make up about 40% of campers today so having the right cooler helps a lot if you fall into this category.

On the upside, hard coolers have better ice retention and a much greater capacity to store goods. Most are designed to be lightweight and portable, but you cannot compare them to the lightness of soft sided coolers. If you camp as a family and have a need for more food and drinks, then this is a good option.

On top of this, hard sided coolers are more durable, given that they are made from durable plastic materials. This makes them suitable for carrying heavy items on long-distance trips. 

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Now that you know what both options have to offer, you should make a choice depending on your needs. Consider your capacity requirements, ice retention requirements, the length of your average trip, and environmental conditions. When you’re ready to go camping, rely on Engel Coolers for the best in portable cold storage.

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