The Convenience of Using a Durable Soft Side Cooler
Americans love the great outdoors whether they are camping, fishing, tailgating, hunting, or traveling in RVs. Nearly half of campers related that their “love for the outdoors” was sparked by an interest in camping. Every camper’s best friend is their cooler, but there are many coolers on the market today. Which type of cooler is better for you to camp with? That’s easy to answer, the soft side cooler.

What Is a Soft Side Cooler?
Today, the definition of a soft side cooler has changed. It’s more than just a collapsible, lightweight bag that is used for carrying food items meant to be kept cold. Innovative soft coolers recently manufactured are better insulated, which provides a great advantage for people that enjoy outdoor activities. You get the cooling containment you need in a cooler that can be stowed away easily. A more pliable cooler is great for keeping below decks, nestled in trunks, and used in tandem with camping gear you can carry on your back. The ultimate reason for using a soft side cooler is their capability of being able to stand up to harsh use on sea or land.

Utilize Better Cooling Capabilities
One of the most important factors soft side coolers need to have is the ability to keep your food safe and cold for an extended period of time. A top-of-the-line soft side cooler has features including vacuum valve technology. Drop the weaker cooler for one that is completely welded and not sewn. Welded seams keep warm air out and increase the life of ice packs and ice. You won’t be dealing with water or air leaks that could otherwise ruin the food you need for your trip.

Remarkable Features Make an Impressive Soft Side Cooler
Choose from a variety of soft-sided coolers that are tear-resistant, easily accessible, waterproof, zippered, easy to clean, come with adjustable shoulder straps or handles, and are extremely durable. Carry a high-performance soft side cooler so you won’t be dealing with a broken cooler that ruins a camping, fishing, boating or hiking excursion. Remarkable features give you the confidence of knowing when you reach for a cold drink, you’re going to get one! A soft side cooler will consistently keep beverages cold in 90° temperatures for up to 4.5 days.

The ability to keep food items and beverages cold is due to closed-cell foam insulation. This type of insulation keeps air from getting into the cooler while closed. The thermal range is significantly improved when it comes to maintaining cool temperatures too. Even if you can’t keep your cooler out of the sun for long, it will be robust enough to handle the heat and keep your food safe.

The Outer Shell Must Be Robust
The ‘soft’ makes it sound like a soft cooler isn’t very strong. Nothing could be further from the truth. What makes this type of cooler strong is a top-quality outer shell that is also water-resistant. Some even come UV proof, so the outer shell becomes extremely effective even when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. When an outer shell is composed of denier fibers you are guaranteed maximum strength. Add a laminated thermal plastic urethane film back and front to an already strong outer shell, and you have an additional layer of puncture resistance. Your cooler needs to be able to endure harsh conditions while providing optimum cooling capabilities. Nothing does that better than a soft cooler that is easy to transport.

Tips to Take Advantage of While Using Coolers
Add performance drinkware to your gear to make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable. Do you want to make sure you don’t run out of water, but need to conserve space? Besides using insulated tumblers, freeze water bottles to use as an ice source that can also be consumed. Cooler items are kept dry giving you peace of mind that you’re not going to open your cooler to find soggy food that is no longer edible.
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