The Redfish Spa

~ Mike McClure, Professional Inshore Angler 

Ever wonder how to keep fish alive in the dead of summer…? Turn your Engle Cooler into a Redfish Spa by doing the following steps:

Step 1. Drill holes in the drain plug to feed two oxygen hoses through.

Step 2. Install two air pads in the bottom of the cooler and then plug your oxygen lines to them. 

Step 3. Once on the water, fill to the desired level with the water. 

Step 4. Then put the correct amount of ice in to cool the water to the desired temperature that will keep your catch alive and well. 

Step 5. Thank me later because your fish will be alive all day long in the Engle Coolers “Redfish Spa” once you make it back to weigh in!!!!!

My partner and I thought of this when we were facing 91-degree shallow water for the next two days of the Elite Redfish Series. This allowed us to keep the water at 72 degrees all day long without ever adding ice except the initial portion we had put in to reach the desired water temperature. Because of the ability of my Engel Coolers 80 quart to keep cold, we were able to hold 4 fish a day for two days and a 3rd place finish. 

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