Wireless Digital Thermometer & Clock

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Wireless Thermometer & Clock.

A great accessory for measuring your Engel fridge/freezer or cooler's temperature.
Wirelessly monitor your fridge, freezer, cooler or your local indoor/outdoor temperatures from up to 100 yards away. Place the receiver in a convenient location, and easily keep track and monitor your fridge, freezer or coolers performance.
  • Each unit is coded and once paired will not interfere with other units operating in the same area. So you can set up multiple units if you wish. Receiver easily switches from °F to °C on the receiver display. 
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures are recorded and saved.
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-1°C.
  • Battery life: Approximately 24 months for receiver and approximately 24 months for transmitter. Transmission frequency: 433Mhz. Transmission range: up to 300 feet (100 Meter) in open area.
  • Batteries: batteries are not included. 
  • Battery requirement:
    • Receiver: 2xAA LR6 alkaline batteries.
    • Transmitter: 2xAAA LR03 alkaline batteries.
    • Includes two hook and loop fasteners with adhesive backing. Receiver includes integrated vertical stand.

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