AC to DC Adapter

SKU: ENGAdapter1


AC Adapter for Engel DC Fridge-Freezers.

Sometimes you may need your small Engel to run at home or in a hotel - and not in your car.  For our small DC only model freezers we have a solution - the AC to DC adaptor.  Plug one end of the adaptor cord into normal house current (110 and 240 VAC).  The other end is a female lighter/accessory socket (12VDC) - similar to what is in your car.  Simply plug in your Engel DC cord into this socket.  

Larger portable models have this multi-voltage feature built-it and do not require this adapter.

Converts household power (110/120/220/240 VAC) to DC power (12VDC). 

Rated:  6 Amps on 12VDC.

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