Engel Standard Low-Profile Front Pull Fridge Slide

SKU: SIS-7002


No tie-down straps are needed!

Introducing the Engel Standard Fridge Slide, a reimagined outdoor accessory that brings unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Engel's new Fridge slides are designed to elevate your outdoor experiences, ensuring your adventures are seamless and enjoyable.

Key Features of the Engel Standard Fridge Slide:

  • Innovative No-Tie Design: Revolutionizing the way portable fridges are secured in your vehicle, our unique design eliminates the need for cumbersome tie-down straps. The slide features an advanced locking mechanism that securely grips the feet of your fridge or freezer, ensuring it stays in place without additional restraints.
  • Universal Compatibility: Tailored to fit a wide range of Engel® and Dometic® portable fridges and freezers, this slide ensures a secure and snug fit for your cooling unit, accommodating various models with ease. Fits the Engel MT35, MT45, and MR040 Series fridges, and with the addition of an adapter plate it is also compatible with the Dometic / Waeco CFX 35/45/50, CFF55, CFX3 35/50, CFX65, and ARB 35/47 Classic and Series 2.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Engel Standard Fridge Slide is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its durable construction guarantees stability and longevity, even in the toughest terrains.
  • Effortless Access: The slide mechanism allows for smooth, easy access to your fridge or freezer. With a simple pull, you can access your food and drinks without the need to rearrange other gear, making it a perfect solution for campers, overlanders, and anyone on the move.
  • Space Optimization: Designed with efficiency in mind, this fridge slide helps maximize the storage space in your vehicle, ensuring you can carry all your essentials without compromise.
  • Easy Installation: The Engel Standard Fridge Slide is designed for straightforward installation, allowing you to quickly and easily set it up in your vehicle. This hassle-free setup ensures you can spend more time enjoying your adventure and less time on preparation.
  • Secure Travel: With its reliable locking mechanism, the slide keeps your fridge or freezer firmly in place while you're on the move, providing peace of mind that your items are secure, regardless of the terrain.

The Engel Standard Fridge Slide is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear, offering a blend of functionality, durability, and convenience. Whether you're camping, overlanding, or embarking on any outdoor adventure, this fridge slide ensures your refreshments are always within easy reach. Upgrade your outdoor setup with the Engel Standard Fridge Slide and experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency on the go.

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