3 Outstanding Benefits of Using a Hard Sided Cooler for Your Outdoor Adventure
3 Outstanding Benefits of Using a Hard Sided Cooler for Your Outdoor Adventure
Are you a great enthusiast of outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, RV, tailgating, game day parties, and other outdoor adventures? If so, a hard sided cooler is a trustworthy companion. It is a portable and dependable cooler that is easy to carry around, and it is quite hardy. This portable hard cooler has a bigger capacity and better insulation than conventional coolers.

Given that 59% of enthusiasts travel up to 100 miles away from their homes for camping or adventure, it essential that they have robust coolers. Luckily, we live in an age where high-performance rotomolded hard sided coolers exist.

These coolers can keep things cold for longer than conventional ones. They are almost as good as portable fridge freezers, thus enabling you to enjoy a frosty beverage or fresh food while out on an adventure.

Outdoor activities require portable coolers that can withstand rough and extended handling. A soft side cooler is lighter, smaller, and easier to store. However, it may not be hard-wearing and capable of withstanding rigorous use. Heavy-duty hard sided coolers are sturdy and solidly made units that are ideal for outdoor activities. Here are three other main advantages a portable hard cooler has over soft sided coolers:

Greater Capacity
A soft sided cooler is designed for portability and is light enough for you to sling over your shoulders. However, it is limited in how much it can accommodate, and is often measured in terms of the number of canned drinks it can hold.

On the other hand, a hard sided cooler has a larger capacity for storage. It allows you to pack more stuff and not just a handful of canned drinks. A hard sided cooler is measured by volume, and you can choose from a variety of sizes based on your personal needs.

More Efficient Ice Retention
The heavy-duty roto-molded portable hard coolers are a breakthrough that makes it possible to keep drinks and produce cold for an extended period of time. They have acquired a reputation of having remarkable ice retention. This continues to make them popular with outdoor enthusiasts, as they are able to preserve your essential food supplies even when your adventure takes you to extremely hot areas.

Their innovative materials and groundbreaking engineering offer superior insulation that keeps the contents cold for longer than any of the close competitors. There is also a wide variety of models to choose from, ranging from those with impeccable seals to those with stiff lids.

The latest hard sided cooler models have advanced insulation components that provide exceptional performance, close to fridge freezers, and can keep your drinks and food cold for up to a week. Furthermore, hard sided coolers are now dry ice compatible. This is important because dry ice is known to have twice as much cooling power per pound as compared to wet ice.

Hard sided coolers are made of a hard plastic that can take a beating. It is made using rotational molding or rotomolding, which is a manufacturing technique that spins the mold while the plastic is being poured in. This produces a more durable plastic whose density is uniform and, therefore, capable of providing better insulation. In fact, manufacturers are so confident about the build quality that they are willing to offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty on some of their hard sided coolers.

The hard cooler can withstand rough use and is even sturdy enough to sit on. This could come in handy on your next fishing, hunting, or camping trip.

A hard cooler is also an excellent go-to option for long trips that feature extended exposure to the elements or rugged terrain. Usually, under normal circumstances, repeated exposure to these elements hardly affects its performance.

A hard sided cooler is sturdy and ideal for your outdoor adventure. It is spacious and enables you to carry enough food and drinks even for extended trips.
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