What Makes a Soft Sided Cooler Superior?

You probably have some kind of cooler in your home right now. After all, this is an essential item for camping, tailgating, even for just taking a road trip. A cooler is one of those items that everyone has because it's so highly useful in so many ways. But it's also likely that you have a hard cooler, or a hard-sided cooler, in your home. It's time to find out why a soft sided cooler is the better option and how it differs from those other coolers you've used in the past.

Why Choose a Soft Sided Cooler?

Hard coolers often come with cool features like built-in drink holders and drainage spouts, so you can easily get rid of water left behind by ice. However, a hard cooler may not be your best option when you need to keep food and drinks cool during a camping trip or some other outdoor or cross-country adventure. There are many advantages to using a soft sided cooler instead. There are lots of reasons why soft side coolers are superior to other designs.

To begin with, a soft sided cooler is typically much lighter in weight than a hard sided cooler that's made with thick plastic walls. That means it's much easier to carry. Soft sided coolers are also often made with carrying handles and straps included, which makes them easy to carry and manage.

The biggest advantage of a soft sided cooler is that it's collapsible. That means when it isn't full of items, it can be folded up and put away. You can store may soft sided coolers in the same space where only one hard cooler would fit before. As you drink the beverages and eat the food in your soft sided cooler, it will become smaller thanks to the design. And when it's empty, it can be folded to take up very little room.

This is truly a superior design because it's easy to carry and much more portable than hard coolers. Soft sided coolers can be used to store everything you need for any type of camping trip or outdoor adventure. These coolers can also be used as live bait coolers when you're going on a fishing trip!

Half of all campers said they have a love of the outdoors and that's why they enjoy going camping. You'll enjoy camping a whole lot more when you have good equipment tat's light in weight and easy to carry. It's much easier to take a soft cooler with you, or several, for any camping adventure you might have planned.

The Accessories You Need for Your Soft Sided Cooler

There are ways to beef up your soft sided cooler and make it even more efficient at keeping your items cool. Get some performance drinkware to keep your beverages cool as well. Insulated tumblers work wonders at keeping drinks cold or hot, even in extreme temperature conditions. carry some of these with you along with your soft sided cooler to enjoy beverages that stay hot or cold as desired. Having a good cooler with you is a little bit like having a portable fridge freezer!

Get soft coolers in multiple sizes. After all, they're easy to store so you can keep several of them on hand. This way, you can have a soft cooler for tailgating, camping, or anything else you might want to do! Having a selection of sizes means that you’ll have the perfect cooler for whatever you might have planned, whether it’s a day trip in the car o an extended weekend out in the woods. You’ll be ready for anything and well-prepared for whatever might be on your agenda.

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