Engel Slide Adapter Plate (For Dometic® & ARB®)



The Engel Small Adapter Plate, the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating your portable fridge or freezer with the innovative range of Engel fridge slides. 

Key Features of the Slide It Solutions Small Adapter Plate:

  • Universal Compatibility: The Small Adapter Plate is meticulously engineered to fit a broad spectrum of compact portable fridge and freezer models. It's specifically compatible with popular brands and models, including but not limited to Engel, Dometic, ARB, and Whynter, ensuring a perfect fit for units up to 50 liters in capacity.

  • Enhanced Stability: Crafted to offer unmatched security, the adapter plate firmly anchors your portable cooling unit to the slide, eliminating movement and vibration during transit. This stability is crucial for rugged outdoor terrains and ensures the safety of your perishables and beverages.

  • Easy Installation and Removal: Designed with user convenience in mind, the Small Adapter Plate allows for effortless attachment and detachment from the Slide It Solutions fridge slides. This feature enables quick setup and breakdown, saving valuable time during your outdoor excursions.

  • Durable Material Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials

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